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About Alexandra

Alexandra is a licensed acupuncturist, medical herbalist, lifestyle coach, certified breathwork instructor, qigong and kundalini teacher. She loves treating all patients, with a focus on digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance,  and women's health. 

Alexandra’s journey with traditional Asian medicine began after she was diagnosed with a precancerous condition of the cervix.
She decided to heal her condition by using naturopathic medicine together with the help of herbal medicine as alternatives to Western medical care. After having a successful experience from alternative medicine, she was inspired to become a Chinese Medicine Practitioner to help other people on their healing journey. 

Alexandra received a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia. After finishing her Master's, she continues her education in the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine to gain deeper theoretical knowledge and greater clinical efficacy through mastery of the Han dynasty canonical teachings.

Alexandra also is passionate about empowering individuals around their health and lifestyle. She is a founder of an online-school “Five Seasons”. In this school, people can learn the art of life-nourishment. She strongly believes that healing should be accessible and achievable for all people and that by better understanding our bodies, we can empower ourselves to take charge of our own health.​

Alexandra is licensed by the Oregon and California Board of Medical Examiners to practice in the State of Oregon and California.

Education and Certifications

Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine (DCCM) 
Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine, 2021

Certified Breathwork Instructor 
International Center of Conscious Breathing Studying and Practicing, 2021

Certified Optimize coach , 2021

Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (M.Ac.O.M.) 
Oregon College Of Oriental Medicine, 2019

Bachelor degree in Sociology
Moscow State University, Russia 2006

Certified under the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture (NCCAOM)

Green tea

My Philosophy

My mission is to coach each patient with knowledge about their body's natural abilities to heal with easy to do tweaks to diet and lifestyle, stress management and correcting nutritional deficits. As a medical detective, each patient is a constellation of symptoms that fall into Chinese Medicine's diagnosis pattern that sees the symptoms relating to a common root cause. Treating the root of health issues instead of chasing symptoms can offer sustainable transformation back to a balanced state of health and well being

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